Winner of Best Paper Award

Microsnowman Propagation and Robotics inside Synthetic Mucus
  • Louis W. Rogowski, Hoyeon Kim, Xiao Zhang, Min Jun Kim
  • Southern Methodist University

Winner of Best Application Paper Award

Motion Planning of Autonomous Personal Transporter using Model Predictive Control for Minimizing Non-minimum Phase Behavior
  • Dongil Choi1, Minsu Kim1, Hyeongkeun Kim2, Jonghun Choe2,3, Moses C. Nah2,4
  • 1,2NAVERLABS, 3KAIST, 4Seoul Nat‘l Univ.

Winners of Outstanding Paper Award

Environment-Dependent Modulation of Human Ankle Stiffness and its Implication for the Design of Lower Extremity Robots
  • Varun Nalam and Hyunglae Lee
  • Arizona State University
Pneumatic Sleeve-Assisted Stable sEMG Measurement for Microneedle Array Electrode
  • Minjae Kim, Gangyong Gu, Woongyong Lee, and Wan Kyun Chung
  • Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)